Malinda Williams Remarried Years After Divorces From Mekhi Phifer and D. Nice
Famous actress Malinda Williams. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, High School High, and The Wood are among Elizabeth, New Jersey’s cinematic credits. After two divorces, she remarried.

The Cosby Show introduced Malinda in 1987. She then guest-starred in Roc, Miami Vice, Sister, Sister, Moesha, and NYPD Blue. After Bird, she became a dark film fixture. Many people fell in love with her on The Wood. Show ended in 2004.

Mekhi Phifer was Malinda’s special love. Despite him being in the movie and her in the series, they fell in love and stayed together for four years. They produced Omikaye. Phifer has been candid about their 2003 breakup. He says the pair was young and their jobs developed quickly during their marriage. “It was challenging to be in that kind of relationship and jump in my profession at that age,” he said. When things grew worse, they moved into separate rooms in the house.

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Malinda dated DJ D-Nice again in 2008. After one year, the couple separated. In a statement, D-Nice requested privacy. I thank my family and fans.”

D-Quarantine Nice’s dance parties made him famous, giving Malinda a third chance at love. She praised her pre-marriage ceremony to Tarik Walker on the cover of Dark Woman of the Hour magazine in January 2020. Journalist and digital media executive Walker. They focus on a shared friend who recognised they could work together.

When she said yes, Malinda believed she had found the proper person. “Knowing that I had actually met my reflection in Tariq and knowing that I wanted to care for this man and have him care for me regardless of what the future could hold,” she told the publication. They recently celebrated their anniversary and routinely share about their love on social media. Happy anniversary TwinFlame! Tarik posted, “@malinsworld #love #blacklove #anniversary.”

Malinda routinely celebrates her man, including at the NAACP Awards. “There’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t offer thanks and celebrate your presence on this Earth and in my life,” she remarked on his birthday.

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