“Why Me?” Will Smith Talks About His Response to Losing a Multi-Million Dollar Contract with Netflix and Sony (Video Included) – DNN 24news

It is difficult to predict how much financial damage Will Smith may have caused Chris Rock by slapping him during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. Chris Rock has stated that he does not believe that the incident caused him any financial harm. The overwhelming majority of people are still making educated estimates despite the fact that the inescapable event has already taken occurred. It seemed inevitable that it would happen at some point in time given the number of fans and celebrities who have expressed their support for legal action being taken against him.

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Although the actor hasn’t signed very many endorsement deals in the past, this one is a particularly important one for him. Will Smith’s deal with Netflix, which was worth multiple millions of dollars, just fell through. The question that needs to be answered is what truly took place. How did it happen? Just what is it that Will Smith is trying to convey here?

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