Scars can be transformed into something beautiful with the use of tattoos.
There are a lot of people that go through challenging times in their lives, such as being in an accident or suffering from one of the many diseases that can leave scars on their bodies.

Many individuals, I’m sure, have the desire to transform these wounds into something beautiful, something that will serve as a constant reminder of the struggles they’ve overcome and something that will inspire them to believe that things will work out in the end.

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Tattoos can be a useful tool in achieving this goal, particularly because they give us the freedom to be creative and say exactly how we feel. The following individuals have made the conscious decision to look on the bright side of life and move forward with it.

You can see how these folks choose to cover their wounds with tattoos, and perhaps their choices will motivate you to do the same. We have gathered sixteen stunning artworks that can be transformed into recognizable icons.

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