I love old-school music, fam. 73-year-old actress Marion Ramsey died suddenly. Marion is best remembered as “Officer Laverne Hooks,” the squeaky-voiced timid police officer from the Police Academy flicks.

Her agency confirmed she died in her Los Angeles home on Thursday, January 7, 2020. Variety added these information. Variety confirmed the revelation from Roger Paul Inc., Ramsey’s organizer.
Ramsey was newly unwell, but her cause of death is unknown. Marion’s death is tragic, but we’re grateful for her many laughter.

Ramsey used to make us giggle every time she whispered. It was happy when Captain Harris got tired of her voice. We didn’t see Officer Hooks’ true aggression until she shouted “Don’t walk dirt bag!” in a Police Academy episode. After that 1980s nostalgia trip, let’s see Marion Ramsey now.
We recently highlighted how well Marion Ramsey was doing in recent years, which is a reminder that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so let’s treasure every day and every loved one.

Marion Ramsey has mostly left Hollywood in recent years, but she recently announced that she was working on a Police Academy, though she didn’t provide any details.

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