Given how stressful flying may be, some passengers will do whatever it takes to make sure they are comfortable. What transpires, though, when cultural expectations of generosity clash with the need for personal comfort and space?

A woman’s attempt to have a relaxing flight resulted in an unforeseen confrontation. She had reserved a larger seat because of her girth, but she refused to give it up gently when a mother with an 18-month-old requested her to.

After a heated flight caused by the mother’s insistence and passive-aggressive remarks, the woman questioned whether she had been unfair.

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She went to Reddit in search of approval, and the community there enthusiastically endorsed her choice. Holding her baby on a plane was a difficult experience for one mother, who said, “It was tough, but my problem alone.” Others underlined that rather than expecting someone else to give up their seat, the mother ought to have bought an additional one.

While some commentators complimented the mother for putting her comfort first, others felt that she was attempting to take advantage of the lap rule. As one user put it, “Everyone faces difficulties. You’re justified in making sure you’re comfortable.

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