Congratulations to Nigerian singer-songwriter Davido and his spouse, Chioma Rowland, who almost celebrated their union with an opulent wedding.

Earlier this week, Davido posted a carousel of images on Instagram that included Rowland and him. The pair wore different matching sets of traditional Nigerian outfits in the movies. In the pictures, the couple stood next to each other and gave each other passionate hugs.
Additionally, Davido used the hashtag “#CHIVIDO24 ️” in the picture captions, which seemed to allude to an impending event. The singer-songwriter additionally acknowledged the brand that created his and his spouse’s attire, and he even used the terms “bride” and “groom” to describe the various aspects of the photo session.

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Davido posted a video of the shoot to Instagram on Monday, June 24. Rowland appeared with her husband in the video and flaunted her blinged-out ring finger.

Next, Plus Media TV launched a livestream on YouTube on Tuesday, June 25, with the caption “See The Grand Arrival Of Davido And Chioma To Their Wedding.” During the roughly 40-minute stream, guests were seen as they arrived at the wedding location. Additionally, Lagos, Nigeria was identified by the media as the location of the video.

As the day went on, several videos of the couple’s extravagant celebration were posted online. In one, Davido lavished cash on his spouse.

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