Even though he’s only seven years old, Messiah Browne has already logged over half his life swimming. According to the images that his family uploads on their Instagram account, the young child appears to have a lot of fun when he is swimming or playing in the water.

When Messiah spotted the strange occurrence, he was in the swimming pool at the WestLake Apartments in Sacramento. When he noticed a child trapped at the pool’s bottom, he didn’t waste any time getting assistance for them.

His aunt Savannah Martinborough, who is just nine years old herself, was the recipient of his report on what he had seen. Almost instantly, she gave Messiah instructions to rescue the youngster by pulling him out of the water. The seven-year-old boy sprang into action as soon as he heard his aunt and dove headfirst into the water.
The niece, who is nine years old, remembers her uncle saying, “He grabbed his arm and came back up with him.” The three-year-old child had fallen into the pool and was sinking to the bottom when the seven-year-old came to the child’s rescue and saved him from drowning. After that, the pair informed the grownups at the pool, who responded swiftly by taking action to protect the child.

People who had received training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation assisted in providing care for the youngster until the arrival of emergency medical personnel from the Sacramento Fire Department.

The toddler’s breathing had returned to normal by the time the carers arrived at the hospital to transport the child there.

Although though Little Messiah Browne ended up preventing the loss of a valuable life, he insists that he does not see of himself as a hero for his daring deed! Nonetheless, he divulges the information that his mother does consider the young child to be a hero! And she should, considering that Messiah displayed remarkable bravery and was instrumental in preventing the loss of a life.

The message that the 9-year-old and the 7-year-old want others to hear is that people should make sure that children are safe and comfortable when they are swimming, and that they should always be supervised when they are swimming. This is very good advice!

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