The announcement of Jamal Bryants’ engagement to Pastor Karri Turner
The 53-year-old told his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church congregation the good news.

“I am so grateful to God that she has consented to be my wife,” Bryant exclaimed. When the pastor revealed this, the congregation applauded. “Thank God for Dr. Karri Turner,” he said. The cheers got louder as Turner approached the stage. As Bryant talked about their engagement, she grasped his hand and wiped her tears.

“Words cannot express how delighted I am. How content my family is. How content my kids are. Pastor Jamal said, “And I hope my church is thrilled for me. The crowd cheered even more in response.


want you to know why I felt the need to wed this particular woman. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also intelligent. Bryant said with pride, “Because she is anointed and she makes me a better man.”

Reactions on Social Media to Jamal Bryant’s Engagement Roommates commented on Pastor Bryant’s video announcement under The Shade Room story.

“I want her to be the moon because I don’t want there to be an NIGHT that I don’t SEE her,” HE stated, according to @iamjusnik. Pastor has a sense of humor.

As they draw attention to the similarities between Karri and Pastor Jamal’s ex-wife Gizelle Bryant, who is presently a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” many social media users are singing, “Twin, where have you been?”They have three kids together. Additionally, the reason their 8-year marriage ended was adultery.

kinda looks like Gizelle no shade no tea,” said @itty_britt.

“Not the gizelle look alike,” jokingly said @simplyyydaniii.

Pastor may simply be a kind. Others made fun of his “fit.”
@quameenv made the joke, “That boy dressed like he was about to lead a French Revolution.”

“Mane dressed like Captain Crunch,” posted @indeskribeabull.
Karri previously discussed the qualities that women should seek in a man during a “Dear Future Wifey” panel.

It appears that Turner has identified these attributes in Pastor Jamal. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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