A 55-year-old janitor called Richard Goodall dazzled the judges with a strong and moving performance at the America’s Got Talent 2024 final audition.

Richard sang Journey’s classic hit song “Don’t Stop Believin'” as he ascended the stage to introduce himself. Judge Heidi Klum gave him the Golden Buzzer for his moving and outstanding performance, advancing him straight to the semi-finals.

Since then, Richard’s audition has gone viral and received over 7 million views on YouTube. Global praise is pouring in for his heartfelt and sincere performance.
The song “Don’t Stop Believin’,” composed by Steve Perry, Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain, was published in 1981. Richard’s poignant performance of this timeless song won over the judges and audience alike, making it a memorable moment from the 2024 season of America’s Got Talent.

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Discover Richard Goodall’s extraordinary skill, as his performances have struck a deep chord with listeners all around the country.

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