The family of Bobby Brown suffered tragedy when his son Bobby Brown Jr., who was only 28 years old, passed away too soon.

Bobby Jr. was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Wednesday, according to family members in close proximity. Although authorities are already on the site, there is currently no evidence of a foul play attempt.

One of the seven offspring of famed vocalist Bobby Brown was Bobby Brown Jr. Bobby Brown and his mother, Kim Ward, were acquainted for eleven years prior to Bobby Brown’s engagement to the legendary Whitney Houston.

This untimely passing is reminiscent of a difficult period in the Brown family’s past; in 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby Brown’s daughter, passed away. She was found dead in the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s bathtub.
There is no doubt that the family is going through a trying moment, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this time of loss and suffering.

Bobby answered that he didn’t know his late kid had been “struggling in related to drugs” when Jada asked him about it during the interview. Bobby is best known for his song “My Prerogative.” Subsequently, he clarified that his son “wasn’t a user,” unlike Bobby.

The celebrity claimed, “He would experiment with different things.” Unlike when I was in my predicament, he wasn’t drug dependent. I required it; I was dependent. He was a young man who made bad decisions that led to his expulsion.

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He went on, “These students are still experimenting with different things now. Their goal is to achieve the highest level of euphoria possible. They have no idea what these medications are being combined with these days, so that’s a serious problem.

Willow concurred that there has been an increase in fentanyl concerns recently and added, “My generation is kind of spiralling.”

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