Mark Wahlberg has made some contentious remarks about his dealings with P Diddy and his history in the music business. He said he was angry over chances he had lost and that at first he had not wanted to interact with Diddy’s world.

Wahlberg’s remarks coincide with Diddy’s ongoing criminal probe, which includes Homeland Security raids on his residences. According to rumours, Wahlberg chose a career in film over the music business because of Diddy’s influence and the purported depravity he saw. These accusations support other charges made against Diddy, such as those alleging that he took advantage of budding musicians for his own gain. Several lawsuits alleging abuse and exploitation have been filed against Diddy by women, notwithstanding his denials. Wahlberg’s move to separate himself from the music industry is indicative of larger worries about the moral climate in the entertainment industry, especially in light of the Diddy scandal.

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