The talk show host and author of “And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Self” discuss their educational backgrounds and ideal mate.

The well-known rapper and actor Common visited Jennifer Hudson, the host of The Jennifer Hudson Show, a few weeks ago.
As she opened the performance, Hudson expressed her excitement about performing a freestyle welcome for Common. She remarked about how much they admired each other’s accomplishments and how they had both grown up in Chicago.
Rapper and performer Frequently appearing in AMC Westerns; increased attention for HBO’s “Game of Thrones”; and more

Everyone was eager to hear Common’s topic of discussion as he entered the stage to applause.


they got to know one another more, Hudson and Common discussed how they were raised in Chicago and how proud they are of their neighborhood.

Hudson agreed with Common when he emphasized how crucial it was for him to represent Chicago wherever he traveled. This demonstrated their closeness as fellow Chicagoans.
When host Hudson questioned about Common’s relationship status—a question that fans frequently have—things took a different turn.

Friendly but playful, Hudson asked Common if he was seeing anyone.

In response, Common said he was seeing someone he considered to be among the kindest and most attractive persons he had ever encountered.

Jennifer Hudson | Phil of the LA Times

He had high expectations for a companion and praised her intelligence, faith in God, and abilities.

Hudson thanked Common for being honest and stated that she was in a happy relationship.

She emphasized the significance of God guiding their relationship and spoke of her partner as someone whose happiness makes her happy.

Both Hudson and Common expressed their gratitude for the love and contentment they have experienced. They claimed that their mutual respect for one another’s privacy and their faith were the reasons behind their happiness.

Hudson and Common seemed really at ease and amicable with each other during the entire conversation.
Viewers found their chats more engaging because of the shared experiences that they had as artists and as individuals attempting to work out their relationships.

Hudson advised fans to visit the show’s website and subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel in order to see more.

She expressed her gratitude to Common for being a kind host and expressed excitement for upcoming performances.

The Jennifer Hudson Show’s Common episode, in general, offered viewers a detailed glimpse into the lives of two prosperous artists who are linked by their common Chicago heritage and values.

Their open discussion about faith, love, and happiness got me to thinking about how crucial it is to be genuine and establish connections with others in both personal and professional contexts.

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