The much awaited Met Gala 2024, with the theme “The Garden of Time,” which was inspired by the same-titled short tale by J.G. Ballard, took place on the first Monday in May. This year’s theme promoted fusing futuristic components with vintage fashion inspiration. But did the famous people deliver? Let’s examine some of the most talked-about outfits on the red carpet and determine if they succeeded or failed!
Beautiful Blooms:

Zendaya, the eternal style icon, dazzled in a dress with layers that fell like petals and a vivid colour scheme suggestive of a blossoming flower. Harry Styles, on the other hand, subtly nodded to the subject while channelling a timeless elegance with a high-waisted suit covered with delicate floral embroidery.

from Time:

Some celebrities didn’t seem to get the memo at all. Many others were perplexed by Kim Kardashian’s svelte, shiny bodysuit and wondered how it related to time or plants. In a similar vein, more people had questions than comments about Jared Leto’s gargantuan, androgynous ensemble.

A League of Their Own: A number of well-known people adopted an original strategy that made an impression. With its combination of stiff corsetry and flowing fabric, Billie Eilish’s deconstructed ballgown evoked a sense of both the past and the future. Lil Nas X attracted attention in a golden suit that shimmered and exuded futuristic royalty.

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In the end, the Met Gala is about more than just following a theme—it’s about pushing limits. These celebs made sure the 2024 red carpet was something to remember, whether they went with a literal depiction or added their own inventive spin! So, what are your thoughts? Did the stars you loved grow or fade away? Go to the comments section and inform us!

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