In addition to receiving full custody of their eight-month-old kid, Keke Palmer’s ex-partner Darius Jackson is subject to a restraining order.

According to court records obtained by RadarOnline, Jackson has been instructed to maintain a 100-yard distance between himself and the actor and singer.

Leodis Andrellton Jackson, their tiny kid who was born in February, is likewise invisible to Jackson.

A conference to determine whether to make the temporary restraining order permanent will take place in Los Angeles in December.

According to Keke Palmer’s court filing, she and Jackson split up in October after dating for two years. After a month, Jackson unexpectedly dropped by her home to take their son to a football game.


Nope actress claims that after saying no, Jackson struck and yelled at her. Palmer’s appeal for a protective order contained footage she said transpired from a security camera.

“At that point, he lunged at me, grabbed my neck and face, threw me backwards over the couch, stole my phone, and then ran out of the house,” Palmer adds to the case file.

Palmer claims that one of the other domestic violence incidents mentioned in the document is that Jackson got upset with her after she showed him a photo of herself in a bikini.

Palmer claims that the second incident took place in the bedroom early in 2022 and that he “slapped my head from side to side and slammed me on the floor.”

The following morning, when I down the stairs, he was bellowing at me. He was standing close to the front door at the base of the stairs. He grabbed my neck and threw me back up on the stairs when I was almost at the bottom.

abuse we went through together wasn’t just physical; it was also emotional and cunning,” Palmer adds. Darius mistreated me a lot during our relationship because he was insecure and envious. I became really concerned when he began to express jealousy towards me for the time I was spending with our son.

Additionally, it has been reported that Jackson struck their infant son for not stopping his crying: “I intervened to ensure Darius wouldn’t harm Leo after he “started getting rough with him physically.” He was furious with Leo, and he nearly started a tug of war with him.

When Darius eventually let go, Leo wasn’t wounded, but while I was holding him to calm him down and finish changing his nappy, Darius struck me in the head. Then he

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