This past month, Jelani Day, an Illinois State University graduate student, was tragically identified as the “body found in the Illinois River near Peru, which is far southwest of Chicago.”

A body was discovered “floating near the south bank of the Illinois River about 14 miles east of the Illinois Rt. 251 Bridge” in LaSalle County on September 4. Day, 25, vanished in late August, but her body was discovered and identified.

The physician stated that the cause of death was unknown at the time of the report and would remain unknown until additional testing and laboratory results were received.


family of Day said, “Our hearts are broken.” in a letter. Please say a prayer for our family during this horrible time.

We need to learn what happened to Jelani after 30 days of diligent effort, as today is #WhatHappenedToJelaniDay.

We will discuss the unanswered questions surrounding Jelani’s passing and disappearance.

We won’t give up until Jelani’s whereabouts are known.

A few weeks later, Day’s body was discovered by his car. Because of how the remains were discovered, officials said it may take weeks or months to identify the owner.
“We gave them DNA so they can identify the body,” Day’s mother stated in a recent interview with NBC Chicago. “However, I was informed that the crime lab lacks the necessary instrument to analyse the DNA.”


body was identified as belonging to a man by the LaSalle County coroner’s office.

The agency did not clarify what they meant when they stated that the death inquiry was “separate” from the kidnapping investigation into Day.

August 24th was Day’s last day. His automobile was discovered miles away, in the woods close to his body, two days after he vanished.

He hadn’t been to school for days, according to reports from his family and a teacher to the police on August 25.

Day was seen on surveillance footage the day before visiting a pharmacy in Bloomington.
Two days later, police in Peru, Illinois, discovered his automobile sixty miles distant in the woods. His clothes were discovered by the police in his white Chrysler 300, which had been observed on camera.

Mother Day for the Bolden family commented that her son’s disappearance seemed odd.

“I need him to come home so he can keep going on his way to becoming Dr. Jelani Day,” his supervisor said to him.

Day vanished in “suspicious and unexplained” ways, according to the police.

She believes her child was hurt and doesn’t think he ran away.

In a nutshell, no, he wasn’t depressed. She said, “He wasn’t experiencing any stress that would have made him want to flee from life.” “I believe someone was involved because of this.”

The Day family is not pleased with the way their son’s absence was looked into. Some claim that the young Black man has not received the same kind of attention as other missing persons, such as Gabby Petito, whose death and disappearance sparked a massive multi-state hunt.


released a request for assistance on Monday in trying to determine what happened to Day. The hunt for the missing youngster restarted after nearly a month had passed.

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