A well-known South Bronx resident set out on Thursday morning to improve the lives of local children.

The Eagle Academy for Young Men had a back-to-school clothing drive, organised by businessman, actor, and artist Fat Joe. It was a pleasant surprise for the pupils.

Even if these high school students’ parents or elder brothers may have grown up knowing Fat Joe, the adored Bronx star nevertheless has a strong sense of civic duty.

Fat Joe encouraged these young men to aim high and, upon reaching their goals, to give back to their community during his visit.

In the gym, students from The Eagle Academy for Young Men patiently waited. Their excitement increased as they examined tables brimming with bags filled with fresh clothing and sneaker boxes. They understood that wonderful things will come to those who wait.

Joe gave them high fives and a pep talk about the value of drive and hard work.

We’re telling them that you can succeed without having to leave where you’re from, he said to them. Being involved in your community and serving as an inspiration to young people are both possible, since sometimes all they need is a little encouragement.

Eagle Academy student Amadou Tall commented, “It’s wonderful to see someone from our borough who has achieved success return and give back to us in this way.” I believe that what he said was accurate. He gave us seniors advice on how to avoid the streets and focus in class.


Fat Joe assured them that when they changed out of their clothes after school, they would appear fashionable in their new autumn attire.

The head of the school expressed his enthusiasm and remarked about how exciting and mysterious the occasion was. The following academic year, he suggested, would be an opportune moment to reflect on the value and potential rewards of perseverance.

More than $100,000 worth of brand-new clothing, including sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, sweatsuits, and tracksuits, were donated by Fat Joe. The Eagle Academy high school students, I.S. 219 New Venture School middle school students, and P.S. 146 Edward Collins elementary school pupils—Fat Joe’s former school—were the recipients of these items.

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