After North West dressed up as Ice Spice for a TikTok video, fans are saying that Kanye West was correct in his assessment of the situation.

Kanye West has been largely absent from the public eye ever since he made a series of antisemitic comments to the media. However, a number of the rapper’s followers are insisting that West was correct about one of his primary concerns.

North West has shown herself to be a huge Ice Spice fan over the past couple of weeks, just like the rest of the internet, causing fans to remember her father’s concerns about the 9-year-TikTok old’s videos.

North uploaded several videos to her TikTok account on Monday, March 6, including one of her and her friends dancing to PinkPantheress and Ice Spice’s cover of “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2.” In the videos, North can be seen dressed up as Ice Spice. Her costume consists of a white Juicy Couture sweatsuit, an orange wig with curls, and two chains.

In addition to that, the artist herself paid her a personal visit at one point in time.

Kanye West’s name started trending just a few hours after the video imitating Ice Spice was uploaded, and many of his fans insisted that “Kanye was right” in response to the rapper’s comments. One user of social media who stated that also attached a video in which Ye condemned his young daughter’s use of the app and criticised his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, for allowing their daughter to have access to the internet.

Other supporters provided more in-depth commentary on the matter, in which they defended Kanye while criticising Kardashian’s parenting skills.

There are, of course, people on the opposite end of the spectrum who maintain that there is no issue with North behaving like and receiving a visit from her favourite musician or musician. These individuals are known as “extremists.”
Since he made a series of antisemitic comments last year, Kanye West has been keeping a low profile and has not yet commented on the current situation. However, if there was anything that could bring him back into the public eye, this would most likely be that thing.

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