Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, has not yet declared his desire to wed her once more. In an interview, Hunter discussed his decision to reconcile with Williams.

Although Hunter acknowledged that there had been issues in the past with their relationship, he believes that their bond is fundamentally extremely solid.

He added that the fact that they have been together for more than 20 years and have raised a child together is another reason why their bond is strong. Hunter stated that he still loves Williams and expressed his hope that they will reunite in the future.


his formal apology to Williams for his previous transgressions, Hunter has released this information. He apologised to her, telling her he was sorry for the hurt he had given her at their wedding.

Hunter expressed his readiness to work on their relationship, having learned from his mistakes. Although he acknowledged that they needed to regain her trust, he is confident that he would put things right and win her back.

Hunter also expressed his concern for Williams’ health and welfare. He assured her that he would support her through difficult times and be of assistance to her in every way he could.

He said that he had reevaluated their relationship and his objectives in light of her addiction and health concerns.

Ultimately, citing their first marriage and their good relationship, Kevin Hunter declared his desire to wed Wendy Williams once more.

He acknowledged his past transgressions and pledged to mend their relationship and reestablish their mutual trust.

emphasised the significance of working on personal development and seeking support for Williams during their separation.

At last, he realises that Williams needs to be prepared to give their marriage another go, and he respects her decision to concentrate on her personal recovery.

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