At the age of two, Hallie Kyed was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in April 2023. Doug Kyed, her bereaved father and football writer for the Boston Herald, announced the news on Instagram and stated that Hallie had passed away on January 21.

Kyed claims that when Hallie relapsed following a bone marrow transplant and her chemotherapy failed, her condition deteriorated even further.

Hallie passed away peacefully in bed on Sunday morning as Jen and I were holding her hand. “We are devastated and unsure of what to do without Hallie.” These experiences will permanently alter our lives.

Even at the age of two, Hallie’s father described her as a “special kid” who improved everyone in her path. Doug informed her that Olivia, her sister, was fortunate to have such a wonderful baby sister and that she was grateful that they were her parents.

Doug stated that the family knew there wasn’t much hope after Hallie’s return, so they all spent more time in the hospital last week. The leukaemia had become aggressive, and although there was hope for recovery, things had gotten out of control.

In addition to praising the clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital for their efforts, Doug added that Hallie had shown courage and strength throughout her nine-month battle with acute myeloid leukaemia and its aftereffects. He reminisced about Hallie’s kindness towards him, the times she had him walk around the hospital floor and scolded at him.

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Doug is aware that the world is a sadder place without Hallie, but he hopes that others who are grieving for her might find solace in the fact that she was adamant about obtaining her goals, whether they were walks, drives, or a particular Disney attire.

The Kyed family is in our thoughts and prayers during this extremely trying time. On January 26, Hallie will be laid to rest.

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