Actress and writer Tabitha Brown and Chance Brown were wed twenty years ago.

A well-dressed auntie on social media expressed her joy to her followers on Instagram.

Tabitha’s Adorable Instagram Post

The 45-year-old lady posted some old Instagram pictures of her with her partner. The wording on her photo included joyful emojis and read, “It’s our anniversary.” They are still together after 21 years of dating.

“Today marks 21 years of marriage and 26 years of being together!!!” continued Tab in her endearing statement. My life is complete when we are together, @teamchancebrown.

“I adore you a lot!” stated Tabitha Brown. “Happy forever, honey.”

Supporters of the mother of two showered the pair with affection on their wedding day.

“My bro @teamchancebrown smized when he came out of the womb,” tweeted therapist Kier Gaines on social media. It’s smouldering, that’s for sure.Happy anniversary! “I love you all.”

@blissfulnique used a heart-eye emoji to say “Awww Beautiful.” “Happy Anniversary to you both!” she exclaimed. God bless you and your spouse constantly.

This is extremely encouraging, said comedian B. Simone. I appreciate you being my love for such a long time. I adore you a great deal.
The couple held a private photo shoot in 2023 to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary, as was previously mentioned.

When Tab and Chance didn’t renew their vows, some questioned what they done. They claimed to have gone with the “simple” choice.

The TikTok celebrity claimed that the photo shoot felt a lot like their wedding day.

“It felt like we were about to get married,” Tab added. “For both of us, it got soft.”

In middle school, Tab and Chance were on a date, but they split up before they could enter high school. She claimed that Chance would be her spouse because her mother, who passed away from ALS in 2007, had always told her as much. Though, ultimately, the Emmy winner was correct, she claimed that her mother was “weird” for having said those things.

They attended different schools following high school. When Tabitha woke up in the middle of the night, “he was the only person I could think about.” After she contacted him, nothing more came of it.

“Thanks [Tab and Chance] for sticking together because we don’t know how,” I’d like you to say.

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