The legendary R&B singer spoke with Apple Music about his next album and Super Bowl performance.

Similar to 50 Cent, Usher named his youngest kid Sire earlier this year. Like the G-Unit mogul, he too hopes to pursue a career in television and film.

On Thursday, February 8, the R&B singer met with Apple Music’s Nadeska Alexis in Las Vegas to discuss his future and how he intends to maintain his status as a “standard” for brilliance while using his popularity in the music industry to start other significant initiatives. He’s scheduled to play in the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show this coming weekend.

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“Because I can, I push myself.” My goal is to succeed. “In court, I want to set standards,” he declared. “I want my passion to demonstrate my ability to stand up for myself.” How much I adore creating art and music. And rather than evolving into something creative through the music videos we create or the narratives in the songs that eventually become something else, such as a television programme.”
Usher and 50 have never collaborated, although the “Caught Up” singer has been inspired by Fif’s work in the digital sphere.

“Check out 50 Cent.” He creates Power. “You heard the music first, then you saw the pictures,” stated U-Sheer. “With the brands I’ve created with the songs, I hope to be able to do that more.” The dilemma is how to generate revenue while providing a mental haven for people. When you hear a music, you can relate to it. It supports you in managing your feelings. It’s more than just music because of all those things. The fact that it is a link is what matters most.

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Usher was featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Billboard prior to his appearance in the Super Bowl. In it, he discussed the necessity to alter the R&B performers’ product industry in order to maximise their earnings.

“It’s about making business possible in other places,” he stated. Usher will perform the entirety album Confessions at a great R&B event in May called Lovers & Friends. It serves as a venue for celebrating the music we write.

“We need ideas that resonate with you when you listen to R&B.” such as hip-hop, eyewear, clothing, jewellery, vehicles, shoes, and other consumer goods. R&B might have those characteristics as well as need them.
Coming Home, Usher’s eighth studio album, will be released on Wed., Feb. 9. This is right before his performance at the Las Vegas Super Bowl. Several well-known artists, including Latto, Burna Boy, 21 Savage, The-Dream, H.E.R., Summer Walker, and Jung Kook from BTS, are featured on its 20 tracks.

I took my time and gave it a lot of consideration to make sure this was put together properly. Something that reminded me of what is ahead in my life. About the album not too long ago, the singer of “Love in This Club” told Club Shay Shay, “It’s the next frontier, the next chapter of my legacy.”

Below, you can view the entire Apple Music conversation with Usher. About 35:15, 50 Cent begins speaking.

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