The brother of Tupac Shakur, Mopreme Shakur, claimed a few weeks ago that Sean “Diddy” Combs and the Shakur family are at odds. Mopreme claims that Diddy’s family despises him greatly because of what transpired with Tupac’s passing and how they believe Diddy handled it.

According to Mopreme, Tupac’s many shootings in 1994 were the catalyst for the rage. Shakur believed at the time that Diddy, his buddy and coworker, was aware of the attack before it occurred. This view gained traction when Tupac was murdered and killed in 1996, since Shakur’s family claimed Diddy failed to provide adequate security or protection for him.


to Mopreme, Diddy’s family is upset with him because they believe he killed Tupac or knew about it beforehand. Shakur’s mother Afeni initially had no issues with Diddy. However, she had a change of heart after learning more about her son’s passing. Mopreme claimed that the family had even expressed their opinions to Diddy, but they didn’t believe him to be telling the truth.

Mopreme made it apparent that the Shakur family’s dislike of Diddy extends beyond their individual interactions with him.

In addition, they perceive him as a symbol of the commercialization and exploitation of hip-hop, a move Tupac vehemently opposed. According to Mopreme, Tupac believed Diddy was a cog in the corporate machine that exploited the true essence of the music in order to maximise profits.

Mopreme Shakur concluded by stating the reasons behind the Shakur family’s dislike of Diddy. Because of their worries about Tupac’s gunshot and subsequent death, the family believes that Diddy may have been involved or aware of the horrific events before they occurred.

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