I would like to know how the Sphere intends to generate revenue. The facility allegedly lost about $100 million since it opened in September of last year, according to an allegation made in November. So yet, United States is the only band to perform there.

That didn’t alter tonight as the group streamed a performance from the Grammys, from what I assume is now their home. The seamless performance, which resembled an advertisement for a software company, caused motion sickness in a few people.

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Right now, the only other acts scheduled to play at the venue are Phish and Dead & Company. Interspersed between will be a screening of Postcard From Earth, a Darren Aronofsky film created especially for the location.
A few jam bands could be able to sustain the $2 billion structure for a time, but it doesn’t seem like performers will stop there on their tours if that well runs dry (since they’d have to create a new show that makes use of the Sphere’s capabilities).

It’s also too small for well-known performers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, who are renowned for putting on large-scale events, with only 18,000 to 20,000 seats. Furthermore, it appears that Sphere CEO James Dolan did not attract any new hires after tonight.
The Sphere’s future won’t look good with LED panels until he starts charging U2 for rent.

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