Justin Bieber responds to Jaden Smith’s joke on Instagram by calling him his “boyfriend.”

Justin Bieber made plans to hang out with Tyler, the Creator on the internet after learning that Jaden Smith had declared Tyler to be his “boyfriend.”
On Tuesday, Smith, 20, uploaded a fresh photo to Instagram. “Pan My Vocals” was his writing, and he tagged his friend Moises Arias.

The 24-year-old Bieber used the occasion to make fun of Smith’s remarks, joking, “Thought I was your boyfriend.” Later on, Smith said, “You Know That You Are.”

and Justin: On Instagram, Justin Bieber made a humorous remark about dating Jaden Smith. The photo above shows the close buddies in 2016.

They’ve been acquainted for a very long time.
However, Smith gained a lot of notoriety when he declared, “Tyler, the Creator is my f***ing boyfriend!” live on stage at Tyler, the Creator’s Flog Gnaw Festival.

Just as Smith was about to go on, Tyler was spotted grinning off stage. He later phoned Smith, and in an interview with Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music, Tyler verified what he had stated on stage. “I nearly said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true,” he remarked. For the record, just in case.

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