We offer love and happiness to Jamie Foxx and his family from our ILOSM family today.

He announced to all of them the passing of his dear sister Deondra Dixon. Her age was merely thirty-six. Deondra is well-known to many of you due to her frequent public appearances alongside her older brother, including on red carpets and at other events. Despite her Down syndrome, she was always the kind, compassionate person who could brighten any space.

Jamie sent a depressing message on social media on Monday, October 26, 2020, in which he paid tribute to his sister and informed everyone of her passing: “My heart is broken into a million pieces.” My lovely and adored sister Deondra has “gone away. I say “transitioned” because she will always be alive. Anyone who knew my sister would attest to her being a bright light. She has commandeered the dance floor at our house gatherings so many times that I can no longer even count how many times. She even challenged her partner Chris Brown for the runner-up spot. She’s probably dancing in heaven right now, with her wings.”I smile when I remember all the good” times she enjoyed with “me, my family, and her friends,” despite the excruciating pain. From dancing in the “blame it” video to representing @globaldownsyndrome as the face of dance at the Grammy Awards, from grinning as large as Rio de Janeiro when dancing down my stairs… To sing all of her songs for us… You broke my heart, Deondra. But I’ll pack it full of all the memories you gave me. My entire heart is with you, my darling. Although our family is shattered, we will mend it with your love. Pray for my family as well. 💔💔💔

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As we previously reported, Deondra developed a close friendship with musician Chris Brown, whom Jamie claims to be her biggest romantic interest. If you missed it, you can read about what Chris Brown did for Deondra every time HERE.

Sadly, Jamie Foxx and his family recently lost a loved one who was more important to them than life itself. Without a stunning individual like Deondra Dixon in it, the world is a little less cheerful. I hope the queen finds strength and tranquilly.

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