Tichina Arnold revealed some new information that will put an end to Tyler Perry’s career: “The people in the community ought to make Tyler and Oprah bow.”

The startling information revealed by Tichina Arnold: Is Tyler Perry’s career coming to an end?

Hollywood has been agitated by Tichina Arnold’s alleged disclosure of secrets that could harm Tyler Perry’s career. The public has demanded that Oprah Winfrey and Perry be held responsible, and Arnold’s brief remarks have fulfilled that need.
Renowned for her parts in popular TV series like “Martin” and “Everybody Hates Chris,” Arnold has previously voiced her opposition to unethical commercial practices in the entertainment industry. Ever since he revealed that he was receiving barely one cent in residuals, people have been discussing the treatment of black musicians.

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There are still more concerns. Arnold’s assertions have resemblance to previous remarks made by Mo’Nique against Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey. People in the industry have diverse beliefs, as seen by Mo’Nique’s unwillingness to work for free and the arguments that ensued with Perry and other employees.

Things get worse because of this new information from Arnold; more than before, people are speculating about Perry’s business practices and how he handles black talent. Given the tight situation, is this Perry’s career turning point?

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