Many people around the world were sad when Burt Reynolds died in 2018. The famous actor passed away after a long battle with several health problems.

The actor left a huge legacy, including many moments that friends and co-stars will always treasure. Sally Field, a girlfriend who had been with him on and off, said the most sweet thing.

The couple’s time together may have been kept quiet by Sally, who just turned 76, for the last few decades, but since Burt’s death, she has spoken out.

said that he had many relationships that were short-term, but he only had one real love. In a very honest conversation with Vanity Fair, he said that Sally Fields, a famous actress, was the woman he would always remember.

Reynolds would later say that he fought to get Field to work on Smokey and the Bandit. Field and Reynolds fell deeply in love. The filmmakers weren’t convinced, though, because they didn’t think the actress was “sexy enough.” But Burt fought for the woman, and in the end, Fields got the part.

“made me feel hot, and I wanted to be everything he would ever want.”
The famous couple made pictures together, like 1978’s “Hooper and the End.” They seemed to be a perfect match. At first, Fields had a great time with Burt. She said he made her “feel sexy” and that she wanted to be everything he “ever wanted.”

The media followed Burt and Sally around like a bug for almost five years as they dated on and off. Anyway, they decided to split up in 1980. The fairy tale love story didn’t last, and things were a lot more difficult than most people thought.

In her book, Sally wrote about how rigidly the charismatic, award-winning actor ruled over his partner.
Burt used the weight of his fame to control everyone around him by the time we met, and it worked on me too, as soon as I walked through the door. “We were the perfect pair of flaws,” Sally Fields wrote in her autobiography, In Pieces. She also wrote:

“I blindly fell into a rut that had formed on my path a long time ago. It was like I had made a promise to this man that would never end.

What might have been the start of a beautiful love story turned out to be Sally’s worst dreams.
“Something happened, and I stopped being.” It was for him that I got dressed, looked for him, and walked. It was clear that he wasn’t really interested in marrying her, even though he asked her many times. “In the end, we’d have felt awful.”

Once the couple broke up, both actors went on and started dating other people. Burt never forgot about Sally Fields, though, and he knew that he was probably to blame for what happened.

“I really miss her,” he said. I’m having a hard time right now. There’s no reason for my stupidity. You know that manly men are like that. You try your hardest to ruin the beautiful person you’ve found.
This actor hid his regret for more than 40 years, and in Burt’s last years, Sally stopped talking to him. The Steel Magnolias actress hadn’t talked to him in years and didn’t want to start dating again.

The real reason they broke up has never been made public, but there were rumours that Burt was seeing Fields another woman. As soon as the news came out, Sally felt terrible about herself and embarrassed.

But after he died, Fields chose to come out and say something that Burt probably wouldn’t have liked.
It is said that she said, “There are times in your life that are so permanent that they never go away.” They’re still alive after forty years. Thinking about my time with Burt will never leave me. His memory and presence will last as long as I live. “Don’t worry, buddy.”

According to reports, the famous actor, who was 82 years old, died of a heart attack in 2018 with his family by his side.

For NPR, Sally, who is now 76 years old, talked more about how much she loves Burt and their friendship.
‘I’ve always thought of him with awe…’ It was only for a short time that he was a very important part of my life. Only dated him on and off for about two years after the first three years. It was so very important to my life and how I was growing as a person.

Also, Sally said she was glad Burt died before she could write about him in a book. The actress said that some parts of the book wouldn’t be fun for Burt.

Also, Sally said she was glad Burt died before she could write about him in a book. The actress said that some parts of the book wouldn’t be fun for Burt. As an example, she called the person she used to date “confusing, complicated, and hurtful.”
That made her happy because she knew he wouldn’t read it or be asked about it, and he wouldn’t have to defend himself or lash out, which she thought he would do.

Sally Fields and Burt were given a second chance at their special connection. We hope that he knows that she still loves him, no matter where he is now.

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