Their 16th wedding anniversary was just celebrated. Marjorie Harvey is the spouse of Steve Harvey. The couple celebrated their big day with an Instagram video, having raised seven children together. They looked so good in white. They also discussed how Steve nearly lost Marjorie at one time in their relationship and how his shield kept it intact.

Steve Harvey is an American television personality, comedian, producer, and actor. Recently, he and his spouse, Marjorie Harvey, celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. Their joint children are Broderick, Brandi, Karli, Wynton, Morgan, Jason, and Lori. To commemorate the occasion, they uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of their anniversary photo shoot to Instagram.

chose to host their celebration at Italy’s Lake Como. They appear in various areas of the opulent home where the video’s photo shoot was held, all dressed stylishly by Elly Karamoh.

Marjorie donned a stunning train-equipped gown adorned with feathers to complement her stylish white silk YSL dress. Her stunning spouse Steve was dressed in flowing white trousers, a white dress shirt and a gold-colored Dolce & Gabbana jacket. In the video, they can be seen walking downstairs, modelling, kissing, and gazing affectionately at one another.

Fans and friends of celebrities adored the video, which featured Coco Jones’s song “ICU” playing in the background. They were really complimentary on the two. In a straightforward yet heartfelt remark, Marjorie added, “I’m spending my anniversary with the love of my life.”

Steve continued to honour his cherished wife on his Instagram Story and published the beautiful video on his Instagram page in a separate post. The host of “Family Feud” stated on her post:

“We’re still going strong, @marjorie_harvey.”

In 1987, comedian Steve Harvey performed a stand-up show in Memphis. That’s when he first laid eyes on Marjorie. She arrived late for the show and took a front-row seat. During his show, Steve addressed her directly and said, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you one day.”
After that, they didn’t speak to one another for a while until 2005, when friendships and fate brought them back together. Since then, they haven’t been apart. After a year of getting to know one other, Steve proposed to Marjorie. They said “I do,” and on June 25, 2007, they were hitched. That marked the beginning of their partnership.

Steve is a remarkably compassionate and devoted spouse who consistently ensures that Marjorie is treated like a queen. They just commemorated their 15th wedding anniversary in a unique way. Steve made the decision to write his wife a letter in which he expressed his feelings for her and their shared history as a married pair.

In the letter, Steve reflected on how much they had changed since they first met many years ago. He talked to them about their happy and sad moments spent together, particularly his financial struggles. Marjorie supported him and assisted him in looking after their family.
The Harveys are appreciative of the amazing life they have created together and are still in love.

Steve claims that Marjorie was the first person to ever calm him down in his hectic and hectic existence. Steve mentioned how long they’ve been together and how fortunate he feels to have Marjorie in his life. “You changed my life, and for that, I owe you a debt of gratitude,” he declared. You are the major reason I am where I am now, except God’s generosity. It gives me the impression that even if I lost everything, you would stick by me and we would succeed again.

Before he met Marjorie, Steve was married twice. After divorcing Marcia Harvey, Steve forfeited his house for three years so that he could pursue his comic career. In Hollywood, he struggled to advance without assistance.

When Steve appeared on Showtime at the Apollo Theatre in 1993, he attracted a lot of attention. Though he recognised it was a mistake, he still struggled in his personal life during his second marriage to Mary Shackelford. Instead of blaming his ex-wife, Steve claimed he got married again because he didn’t want to be alone. After his second divorce, Steve met Marjorie, and a major factor in their reconciliation was his protection.

“The only time I ever saw you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie,” stated Steve’s security. I’m calling her here before you do something foolish like get married to someone else.” Steve wanted to give Marjorie everything in the world, and he yearned to be with her again. Marjorie would have told him he could move in if she had known this reason sooner. However, they were both relieved to see one another once more, and Steve regards it as a second opportunity. “It felt like I was born again,” he remarked. She helped me avoid a lot of blunders. When you’re happy in your own house, anything is possible.

The Harveys remain devoted to each other and appreciative of their amazing lives. Steve and Marjorie will always be grateful that they chose to give their relationship another go after they lost contact after meeting. As a result, there was a marriage for over 20 years.

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