Raising her son and the twins he adopted as if they were her own, Alicia Dougherty lives in the UK. Four of her children were born to her, and the remaining six were adopted. “Dougherty Dozen” is the name of Alicia’s TikTok page, which is devoted to her family. Her narrative is gaining a lot of attention, particularly because of a video that went viral in which she describes treating her adoptive twin siblings and son as triplets despite their significant racial and height differences.

When questioned about her “triplets,” Alicia said.

“The twins that we adopted, along with our biological son, were all born in 2014 and are currently enrolled in the second grade. As triplets, they have spent the most of their lives together.

They will want to end your relationship if you tell them they are not triplets.

Naturally, Alicia’s decision moved many online, who commended her generosity. However, the three guys are totally dependent on one another.

“Triplets for life,” someone commented, “you can see how much love they have for each other no matter what colour their skin is.”

The statement, “Look how proud they are!” was another. “What gorgeous triplets!”

They may be whoever they want to be!” I composed an additional one.

Alicia, a mother of ten, was made fun of online for having a large family despite adopting six children with behavioural issues and foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Alicia reported this to The Sun newspaper. Alicia mentioned that despite the negative press, they make an effort to remain content and authentic. Although others claim to detest their smiles, she believes that they are all genuinely joyful. Alicia is appreciative of the people who have kept an eye on them during their periods of cyberbullying. She wants everyone to know that everything is well with them.

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Some were startled to learn how much Alicia spends each week on food for her large family. She purchases twelve pounds of chicken, twenty-five bananas, and nineteen bags of potato chips. It comes to a total of $1,094, or almost $56,000 annually.

Alicia shares updates about her family on TikTok. 4.4 million people follow her account, Dougherty Dozen, which has 168.1 million likes. People are in awe of the loving household she and her boyfriend have created.

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