Toby Keith is a well-known country music performer, according to Dolly Parton. He passed away with stomach cancer. Dolly expressed her feelings on social media, saying that losing members of the country music industry is difficult. Her remarks regarding Toby Keith were amazing. She emphasised that even though we would miss him, his music and legacy would endure.

In the world of country music, many looked up to one another. In a previous conversation, Toby Keith highly endorsed Dolly Parton. He claimed that, like other legendary musicians from her day, Dolly instilled in them the value of being authentic. The line that Toby found most endearing was when Dolly claimed that she knew she was intelligent and not blonde, therefore she didn’t care if people called her a dumb blonde. The fact that Dolly never wavered from who she truly was and remained a major force in the music industry in 2019 was astounding.

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