The most well-known role Maureen McCormick has played is Marcia Brady in the hit television series “The Brady Bunch.” She was only 13 years old at the start of the show.

The well-known American programme ran for five seasons, from 1969 to 1974. McCormick was eighteen when the previous season came to an end.

Many years later, the child actress reprised her role as Marcia in the television movie “The Brady Girls Get Married” spin-off series “The Brady Brides.”

Eve Plumb, who portrayed Jan Brady in the original series, and she reconciled.

On August 5, 2023, McCormick recently celebrated becoming 67 years old. She let her disabled brother blow out a candle on her cake as a celebration.

She shared a cute video of her brother attempting to blow out the candle on Instagram. He consented when she asked if they might do it jointly. People clapped for them after that.

It was a beautiful night, the person from Los Angeles captioned, thanking everyone for their birthday wishes. One of her fans described the video as “the sweetest ever.” HBD.

McCormick also posted a heartfelt picture of herself and her brother enjoying ice cream on a lovely day on July 10, 2023.

McCormick became tearful on the British television programme “I’m a Celebrity” when discussing her brother Dennis, who was born with an intellectual handicap.Get Me Out Of Here! was what they exclaimed in February 2015.

She expressed to the audience, through tears, her desire to advocate for individuals with disabilities through her position in the play. According to McCormick, Dennis’s parents were advised to place him in a facility when he was born, but they refused.

As she grew older, she developed a strong desire to assist others, including her brother. She advocated for the non-profit organisation Achieve Australia, which supports individuals with disabilities, while she was on the show.

According to the seasoned actor, the club assists individuals like Dennis in integrating into society and participating in local events.
It was quite tragic when their mother passed away from cancer, and Dennis was placed in a mental health centre.

McCormick’s marriage to actor Michael Cummings, whom she met at a concert in 1985, provided her with love and stability despite the difficulties in her family.

Following a brief courtship, they were joined in marriage and have been together ever since. McCormick claimed that their extended marriage was due to their mutual love and shared beliefs.

Their daughter Natalie was born in May 1989. Natalie’s mother is well-known, although she leads a private life. It seems that she aspires to operate her own yoga studio and pursue a career in business.

Natalie prefers to keep a low profile, but McCormick frequently shares family photos on social media, demonstrating her affection for her husband and daughter.

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