Sadly, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, the celebrity Gary Sinise’s 33-year-old son, passed away.

Gary, who is 68 years old, announced Mac’s passing on the websites of the Gary Sinise Foundation and his Instagram page. He informed that Mac had passed away from cancer on January 5.

In a heartfelt address, Gary stated that Mac has been battling the uncommon illness known as Chordoma since August 8, 2018. Moira Harris, the spouse of Gary, received this depressing news shortly after learning that she had stage three breast cancer.

However, Mac’s illness worsened over time, leaving him weaker and less mobile, while Moira recovered well after treatment.

Mac had health issues, but he remained resilient and continued to pursue his passion for music. In addition to demonstrating his drumming prowess as the Gary Sinise Foundation’s assistant manager of marketing and education, Mac also performed with his father in the Lt. Dan Band.

Mac had a deep passion for music and earned a degree in songwriting and composition from the University of Southern California. Mac was paralysed from the chest down after five spine surgeries between 2018 and 2020, yet it did not stop him from being creative. Just before his death, he completed recording “Resurrection & Revival.”

Gary expressed his intense regret over losing a child by saying, “Like any family going through such a loss, we are devastated and have been coping as best we can.” When a parent loses a child, it is incredibly difficult for them. I pray for everyone who has had a similar loss or has lost a loved one. We’ve all experienced it to some extent. I’ve met many of the families of our fallen soldiers throughout the years. It’s quite difficult and breaks my heart.

“Our family’s fight with cancer lasted five and a half years and got harder as time went on,” he continued. Even though we miss him, we find solace in the knowledge that Mac is no longer in agony, and we are moved and motivated by his incredible strength. He persisted in his battle against an incurable cancer.
The impacts of Mac’s passing are still felt by his parents, sisters, cousins, nephews, and other family members. In an effort to preserve Mac’s legacy, Gary recently put out the vinyl version of his record “Mac Sinise: Resurrection and Revival.”

Despite his deep anguish, Gary’s statements demonstrate how much he values and loves his kid. Those who were fortunate enough to have known Mac will always find inspiration and uplift in his memories.

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