Tortuga is portrayed by this eerie Breaking Bad actor. His secretary detested having to listen to him “whine like a little girl,” even if he had defeated liver cancer. Nevertheless, he took care to keep this a secret from his loved ones and close friends.

He discussed the occasion to Giddy to The Sun in order to advertise his “wearable Viagra” product. Guys who use giddy find it easier to maintain their erections on their own.

To allay concerns about the state of his liver, Trejo claimed to like his own brand.

“I’m scared to death of taking too many medications,” he said to the magazine. I don’t want to start putting anything in there because I defeated liver cancer.

When they informed him he had it, doctors discovered a 10 cm tumor on his liver.

He claimed that due of the extent of his growth, the physicians were unable to give him chemotherapy and had to give him “injections.”

Liver cancer can be treated with a few different medications.

Trejo may be referring to the cancer treatment known as selective internal radiation.

“To stop cancer from spreading, radioactive beads are injected into your liver’s bloodstream,” the statement reads.

For those whose liver damage may be too great for other treatments, SIRT may be administered.

After roughly six months, he returned and declared, “You’re cancer-free.” “They injected me and inserted seven needles straight into the tumor three times.”

According to reports, the well-known individual claimed that because he was “making huge money,” he couldn’t tell others that he had cancer.

“I often say that silence has been the only thing that has kept me alive.” My secretary laughs and says, “I had to listen to you whine like a little child in silence.”

He even attempted to maintain a constant weight while working, fearing that his acting contract may be revoked if word spread.

Weak weight loss is one of the primary indicators of liver cancer.

6,200 new cases of liver cancer are reported in this nation each year, according to research from Cancer Research UK.

According to the NHS, fatigue and low energy levels are among the symptoms of the illness.

Jaundice is another possibility that can cause yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Some adverse effects include developing a bulge on the right side of your abdomen or experiencing flu-like symptoms.

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