The majority of us are aware of “Hakeem,” “Andre,” and “Jamal Lyon,” the former “kids” of Terrence Howard from Empire, but few of us are aware of his other children.

Although there are actually five of them, the focus of this story is primarily on his two adult daughters because they resemble their gifted fathers, albeit much more gorgeously.
We also want to present a more compassionate aspect of the music mogul, sometimes known as the TV bad guy, the brotha. For a while, it appeared as though Terrence was actually portraying the Emperor because of how expertly he performed the part.

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However, unlike his love-hate role as “Lucious Lyon” on the now-canceled smash show, he is a father to his own children and probably wouldn’t be as upset with them if they didn’t follow his rules. Now, without further ado, ILOSM family, meet T. Howard’s gorgeous mini-me(s) below.
Aubrey, Terence’s eldest daughter, is 28 years old. She attended Howard University and is the proud mother of the prettiest child ever.

Yes, Terrence is now content with his role as a grandfather. When Aubrey found out she was pregnant, she married Billy Gayle, the father of her daughter, and her father is rumored to have escorted her down the aisle.

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