The woman who became well-known for her allegedly enormous 32T breasts, Martina Big, has once again gone viral on the internet. This time, she has shared a photo of herself that shows off her 32D natural breasts, taken before undergoing major plastic surgery.

It has taken Martina Big more than ten years and numerous procedures to fill her implants with saline in order to get what she calls the “biggest breasts in Europe”. She underwent an amazing metamorphosis as a result, putting her in the public eye. Her enormous bust size has not, however, been without difficulties. Martina has previously talked about how her bigger chest makes it difficult for her to perform daily duties, such as fastening car seat belts.


her outward changes, Martina Big has actively courted controversy on several levels. She gained notoriety two years ago when, as a result of excessive tanning injections, she publicly identified as an African Black woman. This move sparked heated discussions over racial appropriation and cultural sensitivity.

Martina continues to stick to her decisions in the face of doubt and criticism from a variety of sources, with her husband’s backing. She is a divisive character in the field of body alteration and self-identity because of her unrepentant attitude and propensity for pushing boundaries.

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