Many were devastated to learn of star Bruce Willis’s deteriorating health. A recent Instagram photo of the 68-year-old celebrity with his eldest daughter was shared by his wife, Emma Willis.

Willis typically portrays forceful characters on cinema, but in this film, he seemed remarkably composed. He had a little beard and was wearing a warm sweatshirt.

In an open letter to well-wishers, Emma Willis expressed her concerns on her husband’s apparent changes, noting that he was having communication difficulties and had stopped reading.

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Willis’s admirers were deeply affected by the image, which left them feeling dejected and as though they had lost a fascinating figure who had played a significant role in their cinematic experiences.

Comments from people were divided. Some expressed their admiration and support for Willis, writing things like “God grant you good health,” while others commended his strength, stating things like “He holds on, and this is commendable.”

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