Following his admission to Howard Stern that he would be open to having a thirteenth kid with Taylor Swift, Nick Cannon was dubbed “creepy” by Swift’s fans.

When Nick Cannon declares he’s “all in” on having a 13th child with Taylor Swift, it infuriates people – Mirror Online

“I’m on board.” I think we would get along quite well. The father of twelve said, “I think we’ll understand each other,” on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.
Nick was asked to name all twelve of Howard’s children, but he omitted one.

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On social media, Nick’s followers poked fun of him, labelling the 42-year-old TV personality as “weird” and “creepy” for wanting to date a 33-year-old.

It’s possible that, like Nick Cannon, you wake up and say something grotesque, insane, perverted, or strange about a woman you’ve never met. This is what someone on Twitter said.

Another author wrote:

“My faith in people has kind of been restored after watching Nick Cannon get pulled by his hair for making obscene and creepy remarks about Taylor Swift.”
They tweeted this:

“It seems to me that Nick Cannon views women and his children as possessions since this is so obscene and unsettling. Big ick.

Others said that Taylor, whose longtime partner Joe Alwyn had ended their relationship, was being harassed sexually by the prolific parent.
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