Bette Midler, who was 39 years old at the time, decided to ask Martin von Haselberg for his hand in marriage after they had only been dating for six weeks.
Von Haselberg, who was born in Argentina, and the superstar, who is now 77 years old, hurried to an altar in Las Vegas to accept her proposal. They paid $45 to be married by an Elvis impersonator, who was also the sole guest at the ceremony.

In order to serve as a reminder of the importance of enduring love and dedication, the stunning couple confesses that the past nearly four decades have not been easy for them, but that they have “stayed together until it got better, and it did.”

reading to find out more about this incredible couple, who have outlasted a great number of other marriages in the Hollywood industry.

Bette Midler, who was already a Grammy, Golden Globe, and Tony winner by the time that she met Martin von Haselberg, who was 35 years old at the time, in 1984, was already well-known for her distinctive voice and excellent acting skills.

After barely six weeks of dating, the star of The Rose, who was then 39 years old, decided to take her relationship with the Argentine man to the next level and proposed during their time together.

Elvis presided over the wedding ceremony that took place in the Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas, where the couple had eloped to get married.
In her recollection of the wedding that took place at 2:00 in the morning and cost only $45 and included a costume change for her future husband, the Hocus Pocus actress said, “My wedding was two people – my husband and me, and of course, the Elvis impersonator that married us.”

When he got all dressed up in this suit, I turned to him and said, ‘I’m not getting married to you in that suit!’ That being the case, he was required to change his suit, and after that, we proceeded to one of the smaller churches in order to obtain the licence. In reference to Nino Rota, the composer who was responsible for the music for the Godfather trilogy, the Beaches star stated, “We had a tape of Nino Rota music…and we walked down the aisle.”

The wedding that was planned on the spur of the moment turned out to be a wonderful choice. In just two years, the couple became parents to their only child, Sophie, who is now 36 years old and is an actor. Sophie is a member of the cast of Woody Allen’s film Irrational Man, which was released in 2015.

the other hand, the singer of “The Rose” and her artist husband, who is best known for his parts in the 1980s film The Kipper Kids, did not have any photographs to look back on from their enchanted wedding ceremony that took place in Las Vegas until a couple of years ago.
After that, a surprise appeared in the mail after the couple had been married for more than thirty years or more.
On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired in 2021, Midler provided an explanation by saying, “Apparently, there was a photographer there.” When the Starlight Chapel closed its doors almost five years ago, they sent us the images that they had received. It was the first time that we had ever seen the images.
Many years have passed since that day, and they have not always been easy.
“Wind Beneath my Wings” singer claimed that the commitment she has with von Haselberg formerly greatly depended on compromise and their determination to be the best parents to Sophie. This revelation will be made public during the celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary, which will take place the following year.

During an interview with Closer, Midler was quoted as saying, “We used to fight bitterly.” She went on to say that the birth of Sophie helped them rethink their priorities. It was after much deliberation that we decided that we wanted to bring up a child. We have no intention of causing that child any kind of harm. After that, we decided to remain together until things improved, and they did.
For von Haselberg, the most important thing was to prioritise one’s family. According to the former performance actor who quit his work as a commodities trader in order to support his wife’s career and assist in the raising of their daughter, “There was a conscious effort to create exactly the life we have.”
While everything is going on, the star of “First Wives Club” is gushing about her husband, whom she refers to as the “greatest father.”
It is safe to say that my spouse is the most amazing father that has ever lived. [Sophie] was introduced to a foreign language by him. He was the one who taught her how to cook,” Midler added, “He has been there for me for a very long time.” He has made a lot of sacrifices.”
Midler, in turn, reveals that she has acquired the ability to compromise, which is something that the lady with a strong will had never done before.
“It is quite challenging to listen. And make concessions. “The most difficult thing of all is to make a compromise,” the star of Stepford Wives stated, adding that she also learnt the importance of accountability. In my opinion, the most depressing aspect is the blame…Because you do not wish to be the one to bear the responsibility on your own. The goal is to defer responsibility to another individual. But in all honesty, you need to figure out how to avoid doing that.
Due to the fact that Covid 19 was present, the happy parents were “over the moon” when they walked their daughter down the aisle at her wedding in the year 2020. However, the wedding only had eleven guests.
“That was really a delightful experience. During her conversation with her daughter and son-in-law, Harry J. N. Guinness, Midler remarked that they had a wonderful time. They drank throughout the night as they remained awake. “They had a great time.”
You may be wondering whether Elvis made an appearance or not. He did not.
We are always thrilled to learn of couples that are so devoted to one another that they discover a way to make their relationship work, which is a pretty uncommon occurrence in Hollywood in the present day.
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