As Patricia Rashbrook, a child psychiatrist who is 62 years old, realises her ambition of becoming a mother with the assistance of her second husband, the remarkable trip that she has been on unfolds before her eyes. In order to overcome difficulties associated with natural conception, Patricia sought the advice of a controversial Italian expert who is well-known for using unusual procedures.
Patricia and her husband, John, came up with a solution that went against the grain of conventional standards in a country where the alternatives for treating infertility for women over the age of 40 are limited. Nevertheless, Patricia hid the fact that she was pregnant when she returned to the United Kingdom out of fear of being judged by society.

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Patricia surpassed expectations by giving birth to a healthy son, JJ, during the year 2006, when she was sixty-two years old. JJ is now seventeen years old. The introduction of his point of view brings a fresh dimension to the narrative, drawing attention to the unexpected route that Patricia took to become a mother.

A gripping story is provided by Patricia’s path, which is characterised by secrecy and societal trepidation, and which ultimately results in her accepting parenthood at a later stage in her life. I would appreciate it if you could share your comments on this extraordinary story that questions conventional ideas about parenthood and ageing.

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