I encounter several circumstances in a typical day that leave me thinking, “What would Cookie Lyon do?” I have no doubt that Taraji P. Henson’s character from Empire, who is the boss to end all bosses, would be able to handle any issue that comes my way. And to be completely honest, Tyler Perry would agree: I ought to speak with the renowned author, filmmaker, and producer when I want to take a deep breath and forget about my problems. He could help me see things in a different light because he is kind of a drama queen.

Henson and Perry together make perhaps the most effective life teacher team. Sincerity compels me to state that these two, with their combined fierceness and intelligence, can solve any situation. This was demonstrated earlier this month when they used Twitter to offer life advise to strangers in preparation for an original Glamour film. Yes.

The two discussed a wide range of topics, including their favorite foods, relationships, and how they would spend their final day on earth. Though this may sound depressing, trust me when I tell that Perry’s response to the question and a few other things he and Henson say are actually rather encouraging. Who would have thought that these two would know so much about the ideal proportions of raisins and nuts in a trail mix? Perry warns that if your blend has more than 50% raisins, you should discard it. To tell the truth, I agree.)

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Henson and Perry demonstrate their aptitude for dispensing counsel in the film you’re viewing above. It’s challenging to locate their chat program.

Acrimony, the latest film starring Taraji P. Henson and Tyler Perry, is currently playing in theaters around the nation. The film is around a woman who discovers her spouse has been unfaithful to her and becomes determined to exact revenge.

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