Chelsea Charms is the happy owner of the largest breasts in the world, with an incredible 164XXX cup and 40 pounds of meat on each one. Chelsea began as a modest D cup and had three procedures to reach her enormous size; the third procedure involved polypropylene string breast implants, which are no longer permitted due to safety concerns. Medical professionals advise against using such implants as they may cause disproportionate, cartoonish growth.

Surprisingly, in spite of their enormous size, Chelsea says her back is still OK, crediting her comfort to consistent back exercises. In the future, she wants to reduce the size of her breasts. Chelsea rules as the “queen of boobs” on Instagram, updating her horde of fans.

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On the other hand, German model Beshine strives for even larger breast sizes and has saline implants that weigh more than 20 pounds apiece. Because of her extraordinary measurements, she has clothing difficulties. Annie Hawkins-Turner, who is naturally endowed with the largest breasts in the world—each weighing 60 pounds and counting—has gained a devoted following.

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