Introducing Mikel Ruffinelli, a 39-year-old Los Angeles resident with the largest hips in the world, measuring an amazing eight feet in circumference. Ruffinelli is self-assured and proud of her physique in spite of her unusually large frame. She has no intention of losing weight and doesn’t allow her hips define who she is.

“I love my body and I don’t see any reason to lose weight because I don’t have any health problems,” Ruffinelli stated.

Ruffinelli didn’t always have an easy time accepting her figure. She acknowledges that she used to be self-conscious about her hips but that she eventually came to accept her body and her curves.

“My body taught me to love it as I aged, and now I’m not ashamed to show it off in public,” she stated.

Reggie Brooks, Ruffinelli’s spouse, is also a huge admirer of her physique. He claims that while her charm drew him in initially, he also adores her curves.

Brooks remarked, “I adore her hips.” “They’re beautiful.”

Ruffinelli is self-assured, although her hips do provide some difficulties. She can’t fit into a normal car, so she has to drive a truck, and she needs a specially built chair at home. She also finds it difficult to get into standard-sized beds and fit through entrances.

Ruffinelli, though, doesn’t let these difficulties depress her. She is an encouragement to other women who might be self-conscious about their bodies since she is embracing life to the fullest.

“I want to show other women that they can be beautiful no matter what size they are,” Ruffinelli stated.

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