Despite the fact that a sexual assault complaint was just filed against him, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has angrily denied the claimed occurrence and has expressed his desire to pursue legal action against the accuser for malicious prosecution.

It was disclosed this week that a woman has filed a lawsuit against Jamie Foxx, alleging that he sexually assaulted her in 2015 at a restaurant in New York City. The allegations were made public this week. The complainant claims that the event took place approximately two hours after she arrived, when Foxx allegedly likened her to Gabrielle Union and complemented her attractiveness as she was participating in a picture shoot. As a result of the photo, she asserted that Foxx “pulled her by the arm” to a separate location and inappropriately touched her body, implying that he may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

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Following the publication of these allegations, a representative for Jamie Foxx sent a statement to People magazine in which they categorically denied the charges. It was declared by the representative that the reported incident did not take place. Additionally, the representative disclosed that a lawsuit of a similar nature had been filed by the same individual in the year 2020 in the borough of Brooklyn, but it was ultimately dismissed. The team representing Foxx expressed confidence that the lawsuit will be dismissed once more, stating that the claims are not any more viable now than they were back then.

Furthermore, Jamie Foxx’s representative indicated that the actor intends to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against the accuser and her legal counsel for re-filing what they considered to be a frivolous lawsuit. The fact that Foxx has taken this action demonstrates his determination to protect his reputation and disprove allegations that he considers to be without foundation.

The statement did not make any connection between the allegations of sexual assault and Jamie Foxx’s health issues earlier this year. This was done in order to keep the attention on the legal matter that is currently being discussed. During the course of the judicial proceedings, the general public will be paying great attention to the situation in order to observe how it develops for the renowned actor.

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