Ananda Lewis, a TV anchor and devoted mother who was once an MTV veejay, has fight a valiant battle against stage 3 breast cancer. She has exhibited strength, resisted giving in to fear, and been determined to regain control over her health as a result of this difficult battle. The 47-year-old Lewis decided to share her story with the public during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. She believes that discussing what happened to her is crucial to her recovery and to raising awareness of this widespread illness.
Lewis has never been terrified of anything. She is certain that fear has the power to paralyze, preventing individuals from moving on or fulfilling their obligations. She confronted her news head-on rather than allowing her fear to win. “I’ve always believed that those who are afraid are weak. Lewis remarked, “I’ve never seen anything as helpful as it stops you from moving.” “I was able to take control of the situation and begin using cells to combat these issues.”

discovered a lump in her breast in January 2019 while doing a self-examination. Her adventure had just begun. Until now, she had never had a mammogram, partly due to her fear of radiation from her mother’s several mammograms throughout her life. But the diagnosis altered her perspective on everything. Lewis now encourages women to prioritize their health and advocates for early mammograms.

Lewis first kept her sickness a secret from her friends and family because she didn’t want them to experience the possible emotional suffering. She was also aware that they might not agree with her decision to consider alternative remedies rather than traditional medical care. “What’s the point of scaring them silly when they can’t do anything about it?” she replied in response to her own idea. “I refuse to adhere to anything that will provide them a sense of security.” Her goal to instill fear in her family was outweighed by her love for them.

However, Lewis had a change of heart when the pandemic worsened and her tumor grew, necessitating the closure of her treatment sites. She began researching integrative therapy in addition to her alternative approaches. That she was consistently upbeat and resilient remained unchanged. “It made me realize that I needed to put in more effort. I have to work out another solution. Lewis remarked, “That means I need to get bigger weapons for the battle.”

Immunotherapy had a great deal of potential. This innovative approach uses the body’s immune system to combat cancer cells. Lewis began immunotherapy at the advice of a buddy who had been cancer-free for eight years. She firmly decided to take control of her cancer path and forego chemotherapy. This allowed her to collaborate with a team of medical experts while utilizing alternative medicines.
Lewis gained a lot of knowledge during this trying time about self-advocacy and the value of listening to one’s body. She emphasized the significance of speaking up for oneself, particularly for women whose feelings are frequently disregarded. “No one else will care about you, so you need to speak up for yourself.” You reflect on who you are. Lewis remarked, “It’s your body and your life.” Determined to find the answers and healing she needs because she wants to be there for her son, who is nine years old.

Ananda Lewis, a courageous survivor of breast cancer, serves as an example for others facing comparable challenges and a reminder of the value of self-advocacy and strength. Her unwavering will to savor each moment of life is still evident.

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