Sean “Diddy” Combs, a well-known personality in the entertainment business, has set his sights on creating a powerful media organization, and he plans to work with other seasoned experts in the sector to achieve this. The founder of REVOLT discussed his aspirational ambitions for the future of his business in an interview with Billboard.

As far as our business plan is concerned, we’re in acquisition mode to really construct a Black-owned media conglomerate, Diddy frankly stated his goal. This objective, he said, prompted him to think about possible purchases, including BET and several other companies.

According to Variety reports, Diddy has previously shown interest in buying the majority of the BET Media Group in order to build a Black-owned, powerful worldwide media organization. Diddy was adamant about the sale in August 2023 even after Paramount decided not to bid. He still has faith that Byron Allen and Tyler Perry, who also submitted bids for BET, will team up with him for another chance.

Diddy stressed that “BET is unquestionably the center of Black media and has been from the beginning.”

Diddy said, “We won’t be able to be as successful in the media world as someone like Rupert Murdoch if we don’t work together.” This quote highlights the importance of cooperation in the highly competitive media industry. In light of the underrepresentation of Black people in the industry’s higher echelons, he emphasized the responsibility that he, Tyler Perry, and Byron Allen have as successful Black businessmen.

Diddy talked about the status of the music industry and the lack of diversity in the industry during the Billboard interview. Although there are some people calling for change, he noted that many of them still work for an organization that is largely white. Diddy emphasized that real diversity isn’t just about inclusion but also about power sharing, an aspect that hasn’t changed much and, in some ways, actually gotten worse.

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Diddy made a remarkable decision earlier in September when he turned down a nine-figure bid for the complete repertoire of Bad Boy Records. Instead, he decided to give the musicians who had previously been signed to his label the publication rights back. This choice, which was motivated by a desire to help musicians and better his community, won accolades and raised expectations for similar gestures from other significant players in the music business.

Diddy’s dedication to furthering Black ownership and diversity in the music and media industries demonstrates his desire to bringing about constructive change in these sectors.

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