“Family is the ultimate treasure,” stated the well-known weather expert on the “Today” show about his cherished wife.
As Al Roker and Deborah Roberts marked the passing of 28 blissful years as a married couple on Saturday, it was a day filled with both introspection and joyous celebration. Both of them took to social media to share some of the most touching moments that have occurred during their time spent together.

The cherished moments from their wedding day were captured in the first in a series of photographs that Al Roker posted to his Instagram account. The photographs captured Roker looking dashing in his wedding suit, Roberts beaming radiantly in her wedding outfit, and other wonderful moments such as the bride gifting the groom a slice of the cake they had just baked for their wedding. A unique photograph captured the couple, their eyes sparkling with happiness as their hands entwined.
Roker’s collection came to light cherished recollections of their children’s earlier days, a memorable visit to the White House with the Obamas, and a sweet family picture taken with their canine companion Pepper during the Christmas season. The reminiscing did not confine itself to their early years; rather, it brought to light memories of their children’s younger days.

When the two were working at NBC in 1990, it was the beginning of their journey together as a pair. Since then, the couple has been given the gift of parenthood with the arrival of their children, Leila and Nicholas. Courtney, Roker’s daughter from a previous relationship, is considered a member of the Roker family.

The touching anniversary message that Roker wrote for his wife can be found here. According to what he said, “28 years ago, @deborahrobertsabc made a commitment through thick and thin, joys and sorrows.” Nevertheless, the most significant gift is the family that we have created together. Cheers to the two of us, my love!

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On her end, Roberts posted a montage on Instagram of their relationship’s most memorable moments, which included a humorous photo of a cake shaped like the front page of The New York Times.

In honor of the occasion, she penned the following words: “28 enchanted years packed with feelings, ambitions, and dreams.” The trip has been amazing all the way through. In particular, the passing of this past year imparted upon us the significance of treating each and every moment with utmost reverence. Always and for all time, I will stand by your side. Cheers to accumulating even more wonderful experiences, @alroker!

Former anchor of the Today show Katie Couric said, “Such an adorable duo!” to which Roberts reacted with a series of adoring emoticons.

An earlier interview that Roker had given to PEOPLE revealed that he had confessed in the publication how Roberts had been his anchor, particularly during a difficult health setback.

He recalled a particularly challenging time in his life when he had to be hospitalized because of blood clots. “She has been my pillar of support. He stated, “I wouldn’t be standing here today without her support. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Roberts shared light on Roker’s inherent romantic side in an interview that was conducted exclusively for the 2021 Love Issue of PEOPLE magazine. She related other situations in which she had discovered unexpected love notes, such as when they were hidden in her baggage while she was traveling or placed before their morning coffee. Roberts couldn’t contain her excitement when she found these messages and said something to the effect of, “Such gestures remind me of the romantic soul he is.”

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