Gabourey Sidibe’s husband is a man. The Precious and Empire star and his lover Brandon Frankel have been dating covertly ever since they first connected on a dating app during the pandemic.
For all of her fans to see, they have been pleased to display their love, and they even revealed their engagement to the public. On the other side, Gabby was concealing a significant secret. She just revealed that she has been married for more than a year on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

When she got engaged, Gabourey remarked on the amusing nature of the situation. She discovered the engagement ring and a large “Will you marry me?” sign before she was intended to, which went against Brandon’s plan.

Gabby revealed to Brandon that she had seen the ring three months earlier but had been keeping quiet about it when he made fun of her for “ruining” the proposal. They had a “family burner phone,” she claimed, and while using it to take pictures, she noticed two images of the engagement ring in the album. When the audience began to giggle about the burner phone, Gabby remarked, “He will never cheat on me!”

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