Femi Ogunrombi, who was known as Papa Ajasco and was a veteran actress in Nollywood, has died
Husseini Shaibu, who works in theater, said on Sunday that he had died through his Twitter account.

He wrote, “I just heard from a reliable source that Mr. Femi Ogunrombi, an “ethnomusicologist, former music instructor with #NATIONALTROUPE, and one-time stand-in for the ‘Papa Ajasco’ character in the famous #waleadenugaprod comic series ‘Papa Ajasco,’ is dead.
“I’ve heard that the actor, singer, highlifist, and nurse-trained person we called “Uncle Ogurombo” (but not to his hearing) died this evening.”

Ogunrombi was well-known for his part in the comedy series Papa Ajasco”, which was made by Wale Adenuga
Papa Ajasco was played by Abiodun Ayoyinka before he left the show. When he did, Ogunrombi took over the role.

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