When Donna arrived home from work early one day, she found her husband Glen in bed with a different woman. That’s it, she said. I’m leaving and won’t be returning.
Wait, honey, won’t you at least let me explain, Glen pleaded?

Let’s hear your narrative, Donna answered, “Okay.”

Glen described the young lady as being seated by the side of the road, barefoot, dressed in tattered garments coated in mud, and sobbing.

“I immediately felt sorry for her and enquired as to if she wanted to be cleaned up. She got in the car and I drove her home. After she had taken a shower, I handed her some of the underwear you no longer fit into, the dress I bought you last year but you never wore, the shoes you bought but never wore, and even some of the turkey you had in the fridge but didn’t serve.

Glen added, “I then led her to the door, and she thanked me. She asked me as she walked down the stairs, “Is there anything else your wife no longer uses.”

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