When former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal tweeted a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday, it caused his devoted followers to express concern about his health. The tweet, which only stated “I’m always watching,” generated a great deal of concern among O’Neal’s legion of devoted followers.

Following O’Neal’s post, both fans and other celebrities immediately responded with offers of encouragement and support. O’Neal’s co-host on the TNT show “Inside the NBA,” Ernie Johnson, posted on Twitter that he was “thinking of you, big fella.” O’Neal passed away on April 15, 2013. One of the other co-hosts on the show, Candace Parker, tweeted that she was “sending love.”

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Later on, Darren Murphy, who is O’Neal’s agent, issued a statement in which he said that the basketball player was “doing well” and that he was “undergoing a routine procedure.” Murphy did not elaborate on the purpose of the procedure in any way.

The tweet from O’Neal, as well as the statement that followed from his agent, have served to allay some of the fears expressed by the fans. Having said that, there is still a degree of mystery around O’Neal’s condition. It is currently unknown when he will be discharged from the hospital or when he will be able to go back to work following his injury.

O’Neal is a well-liked figure in both the NBA and popular culture more generally. Both his sense of humor and his personality are larger than life, and he is famous for both. In addition to that, he is a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur.

The state of O’Neal’s health is a major source of concern for his devoted following. They are praying for a rapid recovery as well as a complete restoration of the individual’s health.

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